Bringing French tradition to your shelves

Produced in the heart of gastronomic South West France, the Pâté Pour Vous range is authentic, traditional, and introduces a mark of excellence not previously available to food wholesalers in the UK

Bright and Clear Design

A strong brand image, which mixes the values of fine French cuisine with modern design, gives each jar a strong shelf presence to grace any retail food outlet.

The range brings French páté up to date in terms of presentation, whilst maintaining an essential link to its heritage with five traditional flavours.


Authentic, Traditional, Quality

Distribute the Páté Pour Vous range as a wholesaler and be confident in the knowledge that you are supplying a superior product from an experienced and successful manufacturer. With full allergen information on each label and a long ambient shelf life, the gluten-free contents in each 180g jar are of a higher standard than previously imported into the UK.

Authentic and Traditional

Produced by a market leading, family-run artisan business with over forty years of success, these pâtés are created with a high meat content, no added preserves or colouring, using traditional French charcuterie recipes.

Fully Compliant with Food Standards Agency Requirements

Uniquely for such a product, Pâté Pour Vous labelling meets the directives of the FSA in totality, so you can be confident that not only are you selling a premium product that will delight your customers, you will be in compliance with ever-tightening food standards.

UK-Held Stock and Flexible Ordering

The range is made up with the proven best sellers: Chicken Liver, Farmhouse Pork, Duck, Venison and Wild Boar in coarse and smooth recipes. A complete mix of flavours is available by the pallet, allowing you to provide the full range without having to commit to a high minimum order quantity.

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