Food Labelling – How we Comply

The requirements for food labelling in the UK are becoming ever more stringent, and we have taken great care to ensure that the Páté Pour Vous range meets all the criteria laid out by the Food Standards Agency.

The majority of páté imported into the UK has its labelling in the language of the origin country. Whilst this may be considered quaint, unfortunately it is also illegal and potentially harmful. The alternative is post-production over-labelling which may bring compliance closer, but is unattractive and unsightly.

Guaranteeing that as a wholesaler, you are supplying fully legal products to your retail customers is a challenge. That is why all the labelling on our products fully complies with the regulations as set out by the FSA, including the necessary nutrition and allergen information. You can therefore be assured that when distributing Páté Pour Vous to your customers, you will be doing so with correct and accurate ingredient listing.

A full specification sheet for each flavour is available from their respective product pages.